Fishing Tournament – 2017 Edition

Last Sunday, Club APRIL Marine (formerly the RPQ) held what has become a not-to-be-missed annual fishing tournament. Just like last year, the event took place at Bourcier Park in Beauharnois, Quebec, attracting over 300 avid anglers from across the Greater Montreal region.

Initiation à la pêche pour les enfants, animée par Cyril Chauquet

New for this year’s tourney: Free intro to fishing for kids under 12. More than 30 little ones were able to learn about our favourite sport from some pretty talented anglers, including Cyril Chauquet, host of the hit TV shows Chasing Monsters and Club April Marine’s official spokesperson. These budding anglers learned lots in a fun setting, and left with a brand-new fishing rod courtesy of Club APRIL Marine.

Fishing Tournament: Bass & Pike

From 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., some 180 adults and 26 children split up into 70 teams and tested their talents in the bass and pike categories on Lake Saint–Louis. Everyone was able to weigh their catches throughout the day. True to tradition, our tournament promoted good fishing practices such as catch and release, which means our “tank scale” was put to good use. This type of scale allows fish to be weighed safely in water before being released. We also had the pleasure of welcoming a team from the Red Cross, which made the special trip to increase everyone’s awareness on the importance of wearing life jackets. The Red Cross also generously held a draw at the end of the tournament, awarding one lucky participant a free life jacket.

At the end of the event, a number of prizes were handed out by Cyril Chauquet himself:

Bass Category

1st place: Jean–François Viau: $500 – 5.52 lb bass
2nd place: David Williams: Econ-O-Bass pass to participate in all 2017 season tournaments – 4.03 lb bass
3rd place: Richard Wolowicz: $400 – 3.95 lb bass
4th place: Jean–François Viau: $390 – 3.89 lb bass
5th place: Stéphane Masse: $290 – 3.84 lb bass
6th place: Martin Leveillé: $190 – 3.80 lb bass
7th place: Richard Wolowicz: $95 – 3.56 lb bass

Pike Category

1st place: Alexandre Carrier: $500 – 11.37 lb pike
2nd place: Nancy Martell: Navigloo boat shelter – 6.07 lb pike
3rd place: Serge Legault: $400 – 5.52 lb pike
4th place: Frédérick Maheu: $390 – 5.26 lb pike
5th place: Martin Brouillette: $290 – 4.61 lb pike
6th place: Alain Draws: $190 – 4.43 lb pike
7th place: Jean Gauthier: $95 – 4.37 lb pike

The prizes were made possible thanks to a $1,000 cheque from Club April Marine (formerly the RPQ), which boosted the purse created by all the tournament entry fees. Our thanks to Econ-O-Bass and Navigloo for their generosity.


Hardy applause to the Alexandre Carrier team, which achieved the remarkable feat of reeling in a colossal 11.37 lb pike! It was carefully released back into the water, still in fine form. All in all, some great performances across the board.

Thanks to everyone for this incredible day see you next year!