Our mission

As a member, you support our mission, too

Club APRIL Marine is proud to donate a portion of your membership fee to a number of local organizations and projects that actively support environmental protection, aquatic biodiversity and safe boating.

We believe that every little bit helps and that many small streams make big rivers. Here are the 3 main ways in which we’re making a difference together.

J'aime l'eau je la protège !


Protecting the environment is a priority

Our waterways and the flora and fauna they support are threatened. We need to act now. At Club April Marine, we do this by helping to protect the biodiversity of the St. Lawrence River, gathering samples for scientific research and even by adopting a beluga named APRIL! Together, we are making a difference.


Mission to clean up 1000 tons of garbage from shorelines. To support this worthy cause, we sold ballcaps and organized our own garbage clean-up day! Stay tuned – we’ll be announcing more garbage clean-up days in 2021!

David Suzuki Foundation

Mission to protect the biodiversity of the St. Lawrence River. To support this worthy cause, we sold Mordu de la Pêche (“fishing fanatic”) ballcaps during our 2019 Fishing Tournament and doubled the amount raised!


The situation facing the belugas living in the St. Lawrence River has us worried. In 2016, we decided to come to their aid through a symbolic gesture: by adopting a beluga named APRIL.

This initiative was launched by GREMM, an NPO based in Tadoussac. This project aims to fund the research work of scientists fighting for the survival of marine mammals in the St. Lawrence River.


Keeping you safe, at the dock & out on the water

Club APRIL Marine is committed to providing its members with immediate and expert assistance in the event of a problem. We can: put you in touch with the nearest emergency towing service, help you make a claim, call the Coast Guard or the Police on your behalf, recommend experts and more!

Since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, the Club regularly treats its members to handy checklists, good practices guides – and exclusive events!


Helping you become a better boater

The importance of understanding and following safe boating practices cannot be understated. That’s why Club APRIL Marine helps its members obtain boating licenses and improve their navigating techniques. We’ll also soon be offering training programs on-site, via webinar & other means.

Other priorities that matter to us

Building an active community

Promoting our partners across the region