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World Ocean Day: Together for a cleaner St. Lawrence River!

© Alexander Paiz    APRIL Marine and Club APRIL Marine teams

Every year for the past 4 years, on World Ocean Day on 8 June, the APRIL Marine and Club APRIL Marine teams have joined forces to collect waste. This event, which has become an annual tradition, is part of our ongoing commitment to protecting our waterways.

A Collective Effort

Accompanied by our long-standing partner, Mission 1000 Tonnes, all our dedicated employees came together again this year to clean up the banks of the St. Lawrence River. Armed with gloves, tweezers and an unshakeable will, they removed 360 pounds of waste of all kinds, helping to make our environment healthier and cleaner.

A Sustainable Commitment

For several years now, this waste collection has been much more than a simple event: it reflects a genuine commitment on the part of the APRIL Marine and Club APRIL Marine teams. It gives our employees the opportunity to come together and strengthen their bonds around a common mission. This initiative demonstrates our long-term dedication to the protection of waterways and the environment in general. With the aim of helping Mission 1000 Tonnes achieve its goal of cleaning up over 1000 tonnes of waste more quickly. Since the start of our partnership with the organisation 4 years ago, our team has removed 6425 lbs of waste from the Canadian landscape.

A Shared Mission

This commitment is not limited to our internal team. We firmly believe that every action counts for the planet, and we strive to share this conviction with our community. By taking part in concrete actions such as waste collections with our staff, members, partners and ambassadors, or by relaying content to raise awareness of eco-boating and respect for the environment, we hope to inspire as many people as possible to take care of our planet. Because every gesture counts and can help change the world.

Together for a Better Future

World Ocean Day is a reminder to all of the importance of protecting our natural resources for present and future generations. Because if we are to continue to enjoy our passion for fishing, sailing or pleasure boating, we all have a duty to help preserve our waterways. Club APRIL Marine is proud to encourage its members to share these values. So don’t hesitate to get involved or even organise a clean-up near you!

Together, let’s take care of the world of tomorrow.