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Fishing Tournament – 2018 Edition


The fourth annual fishing tournament hosted by Club APRIL Marine (formerly RPQ) was held on Sunday, August 12th at Bourcier Park in Beauharnois, Quebec. Over 250 avid anglers and fans of our spokesperson, Cyril Chauquet, travelled from across the region to take part in the event.

And boy did we give them a day to remember! Read on to see photos of the tournament and of Cyril Chauquet!

Over 19 cash prizes were awarded to the winners, along with numerous young-angler prizes (2 fishing rods, 3 pairs of SMITH sunglasses, young-angler licenses, etc.) as well as a bunch of door prizes (2 SAIL gift cards, boat seats, boat mats, and SMITH ChromaPop Polarized sunglasses). Participants also had a chance to purchase “Mordu de la pêche” ballcaps from Cyril’s hit French-language TV show, with all proceeds going to the Mission 10 tonnes.

Youth fishing license

Premiering this year was Fish’n Fils (known as Fish’n Kidz outside of Quebec). Quebec’s ministry of wildlife has granted Fish’n Fils permission to issue free “young-angler licenses” to children between the ages of 9 to 12, which they can continue using until the age of 18. What a great way to enjoy family time outdoors and pass on your love of fishing to your kids!

Cyril Chauquet, official spokesperson of Club APRIL Marine

Cyril Chauquet kicked off his day by greeting all the attending Club APRIL Marine members before they all headed out on the water for a great day of fishing. Everyone had a chance to have their picture taken with Cyril and have him sign their ballcaps, fishing rods, and other paraphernalia. Cyril also regaled the kids with countless tips and funny fishing tales.

Pike & Bass Fishing Tournament

From 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., some 180 adults and 26 children were divided up into 90 teams and were put to the test on Lake Saint-Louis. As in past years, Club APRIL Marine took advantage of the event to promote good fishing practices, including catch and release. Before releasing, teams were able to weigh their catches in the “tank scale”, which allows fish to be handled with respect.

Our thanks to the many participants and congrats to the tourney’s top winners!

Bass Category

1st place: David Faille: $475 – 3.97 lb bass
2nd place: Francis Compagnant: $475 – 3.97 lb bass
3rd place: Alexandre Carrier: $400 + Econ-O-Bass pass to compete in the entire 2019 tournament season – 3.86 lb bass
4th place: Gilles Gagné: $400 – 3.62 lb bass
5th place: Jean-François Boyer: $350 – 3.58 lb bass
6th place: Brian Atwood: $300 – 3.55 lb bass
7th place: Régis Nault: $250 – 3.54 lb bass
8th place: Steve Goupil: $200 – 3.5 lb bass
9th place: Jean-Marie Landry: $150 – 3.47 lb bass
10th place: Claude: $50 – 3.33 lb bass

Pike Category

1st place: Marc Pouliot: $500 – 7.06 lb pike
2nd place: Sébastien Chenail: Navigloo boat shelter – 5.31 lb pike
3rd place: Marc Pouliot: $450 – 5.17 lb pike
4th place: Alain Goulet: $400 – 4.97 lb pike
5th place: Kevin Allege: $350 – 4.75 lb pike
6th place: Gilles Paré: $300 – 4.66 lb pike
7th place: Martin Lapointe: $250 – 4.32 lb pike
8th place: Régis Nault: $200 – 4.26 lb pike
9th place: Benoit St-Marie: $150 – 4.08 lb pike
10th place: Sylvain Lussier: $50 – 3.93 lb pike

These prizes were funded by the tournament entry fees and from a $1,000 cheque from Club APRIL Marine (formerly RPQ). Our warm thanks to our partners Econ-O-Bass, Navigloo, SMITH Optics, Fish’n Fils, Vin-Lock, SAIL, BassBoat and APRIL Marine for their generosity.