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Fishing Tournament – 2016 Edition


Club APRIL Marine (formerly the RPQ) held its annual fishing tournament this past August 14th. This year, we were honoured by the presence of Club APRIL Marine’s official spokesperson, the world-famous fishing adventurer Cyril Chauquet.

This year’s event drew some 60 boats to the Melocheville marina in Beauharnois, Quebec – along with over 250 avid anglers from across the province. Everyone was eager to out-fish the crowd while competing in a fun and friendly competition. And boy, did everyone bring their A-game, all while following good fishing practices such as catch and release.

Many of the prizes were handed out by Cyril Chauquet himself :

Bass Category

1st place: $500 – 4.65 lbs bass
2nd place: Econ-O-Bass pass to participate in the entire 2017 tournament season – 4.35 lb bass
3rd place: $450 – 4.19 lbs bass
4th place: $400 – 3.95 lbs bass
5th place: $300 – 3.87 lbs bass
6th place: $230 – 3.75 lbs bass
7th place: $135 – 3.68 lbs bass

Pike Category

1st place: $500 – 6.82 lb pike
2nd place: Navigloo boat shelter – 5.6 lb pike
3rd place: $450 – 5.22 lbs pike
4th place: $400 – 5.05 lbs pike
5th place: $300 – 5.04 lbs pike
6th place: $230 – 4.91 lbs pike
7th place: $135 – 4.4 lbs pike

All entry frees went into the prize purse, along with a $1,000 cheque from Club April Marine. Our thanks to Econ-O-Bass and Navigloo for their generosity.

Club APRIL Marine would like to thank its partners, who helped make the day a resounding success.

The city of Beauharnois
APRIL Marine, the #1 choice for boat insurance
Stereo Films

Cyril Chauquet et notre partenaire Aluma Craft

Cyril Chauquet et notre partenaire Sail

Our sincere thanks to all participants for their fine sportsmanship, as well as to Cyril Chauquet, who braved the long photo and autograph sessions with a very chatty crowd!