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First Club APRIL Marine garbage cleanup day

Collecte de déchets 2020


Here’s a look at our first garbage clean-up day, which we co-organized with Mission 100 tonnes along the banks of the Richelieu River.

To do our part to protect the environment and support projects that make a difference, Club APRIL Marine is proud to donate a portion of all membership fees to several local organizations.

At APRIL Marine Club, protecting the environment is a priority and we are proud to be associated with Mission 100 Tonnes. – Club President, Sébastien Gabez

In total, more than 475 lbs of garbage were cleaned up

Here’s what Marie-Eve Paquette, Director of Club APRIL Marine, had to say about the event:

On my way over, I figured that we’d find some garbage, but I didn’t expect there would be so much! Bottles, beer cans, diapers, plastic bins – even a bike. And that’s not all.

At this time of the year, we can’t claim that all this trash is from the spring melt. The sad fact is that people are being careless and that’s a shame. I brought my two children along to help make them more aware of this cause. They, too, were very surprised by all the trash and asked me why people throw their garbage in nature. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a good answer.

Do you recommend this approach?

100% — but it’s important to be properly equipped with gloves, trash pickers, etc. so that you can pick up garbage safely, especially during COVID. I would strongly recommend this experience to anyone. Those few hours of picking up trash are so worth it. You feel so satisfied at the end. I’m thrilled to say that my kids loved the experience and proudly told me: “Mom, we helped save the planet today.”

Due to COVID, we were only able to hold one garbage cleanup day in 2020. But rest assured: others will be organized in 2021 and we’re counting on your help! At Club APRIL Marine, we believe that every little bit counts and that together, we can make a difference! To support our partner Mission 100 tonnes, we’re inviting all members to organize their own garbage pickup and post photos of their “loot” to help them achieve their objective of picking up 100 tons of trash by the end of the year.

A huge thank you to Mission 100 tonnes and to our entire team!