Distress Signals: What You Need to Know

Flares – also known as pyrotechnic distress signals – can mean the difference between life and death when out on the water. They let other boaters and potential rescue teams know that a distress situation is occurring in the area.

Blue-green algae and dogs

Remember the blue-green algae crisis that hit many of our waterways back in the early 2000s? We don’t seem to hear as much about blue-green algae these days.

Theft of boats and Jet Ski

Motor vehicles, boats and Jet Ski are prized treasures for thieves because they have a high resale value on the black market.

Sixty seconds in exchange for a life…

The beautiful sailing season has already started. Without wanting to overshadow anything, we should not forget the nautical safety, which is a concern for all of us.

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